Notes on Dublin Juvenile Indoor Championships


10/02/2017 00:00


RE:          2017 Dublin Juvenile Indoor Championships

Dear Parent/Guardian/Athlete,

Please find below the details for the Dublin Juvenile Indoor Track & Field Championships which will be held in the National Indoor Facility, National Sports Campus, Abbotstown (National Aquatic Centre).

Friday 10th February –7pm – Relays U10 – U19 and U17/18/19 Shot Putt and U18/19 triple jump

Saturday 11th February –starting at 10amTRACK – 400m for U18/U19 and following at 10.50am with the U16-U19 1500m heats. 11.30am U9 – U13 60m heats followed by semi finals/finals. 2.10pm – walks U14-U19. 3pm – U14-U19 60m. 5pm – 1500m finals if any.600m FIELD Events10am - U12 girls & U12 boys Long jump, U13 boys & U13 girls High Jump, U13 boys shot put.  11am – U19 girls & boys long jump, U13 girls shot putt, U14 girls and boys high jump. 12 noon – U18 girls and boys  long jump, U15 boys shot putt, U12 girls and boys high jump. 1pm – U15 girls shot putt. 1.30pm – U13 girls long jump and U19 boys high jump. 2pm – U16 girls shot putt. 2.30pm – U13 boys long jump and U15 boys high jump.

Sunday 12th February –starting at 10am TRACK - U16-U19 Boys & Girls 200m heats,  11.15am – U9/10 boys and girls 500m finals (run to time), u11 – u13 600m heats followed by U14 – U19 800m heats. 1.45pm – 200m finals. 2.00pm – U13 – U19 hurdles. 4pm – finals of U12/13 600m followed by finals of U14 – U19, if any.

FIELD EVENTS: 10am - U15 girls and boys long jump, U12 girls shot putt, U17 girls and boys high jump. 11am – U16 girls and boys long jump, U12 boys shot putt and U18 girls and boys high jump. 12 noon – U17 girls and boys long jump, U14 girls shot putt, U16 girls and boys high jump. 1pm – U14 boys shot putt. 1.30pm – U14 girls long jump and U19 girls high jump. 2pm – U16 boys shot putt. 2.30pm – U14 boys long jump and U15 girls high jump.

Full Programme will be posted on the Notice Board in Club House and on the and on

All competitors must wear a club singlet, shorts, appropriate over clothing (track suit) and footwear, and all competitors must be registered, ie, have completed and returned club membership form and paid some money, otherwise they will not be permitted to compete for insurance reasons.

Athletes should return a list of the event(s) they wish to enter on the slip below (keep the above details for your own information) with entry fees no later than Tuesday 31st January to the Shirley.  Entry Fee: €4 per event and if on a relay squad €2 per relay. Club coaches will decide on relay selection which might require trials.

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