JUVENILE Indoor Championships Day 1


10/02/2017 00:00


7.00 p.m.
U/10 Girls 4 X 100m  heats
U/10 Boys 4 X 100m  heats
U/12    Girls   4 X 100m  heats
U/12 Boys 4 X 100m  heats
U/14 Girls 4 X 200m  heats
U/14 Boys 4 X 200m heats
U/16 Girls 4 X 200m FINAL
U/16 Boys 4 X 200m FINAL
U/18 Girls 4 X 200m FINAL
U/18 Boys 4 X 200m FINAL

8.15 pm Finals U10/12/14 relays in age order

U/11 Girls 4 X 100m heats
U/11 Boys 4 X 100m heats
U/13    Girls 4 X 100m heats
U/13 Boys 4 X 100m heats
U/15 Girls 4 X 200m heats
U/15 Boys 4 X 200m heats
U/17 Girls 4 X 200m FINAL
U/17 Boys 4 X 200m FINAL
U/19 Girls 4 X 200m FINAL
U/19 Boys 4 X 200m FINAL

Finals of U11, 13 relays and 15 in age order

FINALS will be run where there are 6 teams or less. Where there are heats qualification for a final will be decided on the number of team entries on the evening. Finishing places and Times will be applied where necessary. Please note the above order is subject to change.

•Athletes may step up ONE (1) age group only and may compete in TWO (2) relays on the day
•At least 2 members of a competing relay team, participating in that event on that day must be of the correct age
•17,18,19 age groups all athletes may move up one age group
•For 4 x 100 relays – the third athlete breaks.
•No entry on the day of competition

Field Events
7:00 PM Shot Putt U19 Boys (6k), U18 Boys (5k) & U17 Boys (5k)
8:00 PM Shot Putt U19 Girls (4k), U18 Girls (3k) & U17 Girls (3k)
7:00 PM Triple Jump U18/19 Girls
8:00 PM Triple Jump U18/19 Boys
7:00 PM Pole Vault U15 –U19

All Times are approximate